Thank you to a fabulous realtor, Mr. Allan Morton, and I'm sure there are a number of you who know him. I have to tell you, I have dealt with many realtors and Allan was the most ethical, thorough, friendly and hard working realtor I have ever worked with. He found us a house in less than 3 days and he sold our home in 9. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for someone with high moral standards, integrity, a lot of humour and smarts to give him a chance. The bonus is he is full of great stories and can help your kids out with history lessons. Oh... and he remembers your favorite flowers.



We wanted to send a note to acknowledge Allan for years of dedication, honesty, empathy and extreme patience he has had with helping us to find a new home and sell our current home. I know you can appreciate the number of Agents out there but Allan truly stands out, among the rest, from what our fiends have shared in discussions about our house hunting journey.  I wish I could list, for you, the number of “above and beyond” moments that we have felt but there are too many to mention.

We have viewed numerous homes and found every single moment time well spent because of the discussion, the insightful observations, the knowledge, the patience, honesty and grace when in opposition. Lol. And the humour. What a pleasure.

We are like so many couples, opposites attract, but Allan helped us to navigate our preferences and understand value and risk. With our home closing in the next two weeks, we so appreciate all that Allan has done for us and how invaluable he has been. 

Cheers and thanks Allan.



Allan is the most honest realtor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. While other realtors tell you a story to make you happy, Allan will tell you the truth. Watch and compare him to other realtors when you look at a house for the first time. He doesn’t point out the good things and hide the bad things - he points out everything he sees because he truly wants you to be happy with your home purchase.